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All Play and No Work

August 23, 2015

August 23, 2015

August is almost over and because of that I have felt a push to live up the summer. This week has been a blast. I have played so hard. It’s been a week of all my favorite things: campfires, walks in the park, water park trips, Reese’s S’mores, and mountain air. Along with all the fun activities I have stayed up way to late every night. I used to be such a night owl. But my body just can’t handle it anymore which must be a sign that I’m no longer in my twenties anymore. I am so glad I have had this fun week of summer but I only ran on Monday and that’s a whole lot of miles I missed this week.

I had mentioned in post earlier that I signed up to be on another soccer league because I just love the sport so much and want to become better at it. Yesterday I was sleep deprived and had only nourished my body with junk food so let’s just say I was dreading all the running I was going to have to do during my games. They had scheduled our team to play two games right after another. We didn’t have any subs so that is 1hour and 40 minutes straight of soccer with only a break at half to grab a swig of water. I was dying. It made me feel better that the rest of the team was dying as well. I was looking at the clock counting down which I never do in soccer usually I am wishing that they would last longer. There were so many times when I felt I couldn’t run anymore and then the ball would come by my and I would hustle to catch it. That ball is like a little burst of energy. You get and suddenly you forget that you are tired. Suddenly you have the energy to run down the field. Suddenly you feel like this might be your chance to make a goal.

Anyways my whole reason of telling you all about soccer is at the end of the game I was exhausted. It felt like at the end of a long run tired but proud that you finished. At the end of the game I just had the greatest desire to be the best athlete that I can be. The best runner, the best soccer player, and to be in the best shape and health that my body has ever seen. So this week I want to fuel my body like a machine. I want to give it the rest that it needs and fill it with foods that will help it be healthy and strong. Yes I missed out on a week of training that I can never get back but I’m glad I had this week because I had a lot of fun but now I have a rededication to my goals. In 11 weeks I want to be at the Starting line looking and feeling like a stronger healthier athlete. I have never referred to myself as athletic or an athlete before so that sounds sort of weird. But running 26.2 miles is being an athlete. Waking up each morning to get my miles in is being an athlete. It like the self-fulfilling prophecy if I think of myself as an athlete I will become and athlete.

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