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Good Old Fashioned Karma

October 25, 2015

October 24 12:40 AM

It’s story time. Once there was a Youngish lady who had a date planned with a guy named Mr. Ref. Let’s take a look at their first date(Which was a blind date). It starts with Mr. Ref texting the youngish lady.

Mr. Ref: Here
Me: Are you coming to the door?
Mr. Ref: Should I come to the door?
Me: Yes, I would appreciate it

Call me old fashioned but I will not just come outside because a guy texts me saying “here.” A message to come to the car makes me feel like I’m in 8th grade being picked up by my carpool. The only difference is the carpool would honk and wake up the whole neighborhood, so I guess I have to give Mr. Ref points for being classier than honking. The fact is that I expect to be courted and coming to the door is part of that dating process. Well, the date was actually fun even though it started out rocky. He was a really genuine honest guy. He’s a little on the shy side, but I thought he was handsome. So I was happy he asked me out again and that he was showing interest.

That happiness faded as he canceled because he had to take a family member to the hospital. But I thought that it was a legitimate excuse.

I didn’t hear from him for a couple of weeks and then I got a message from him saying he might be the referee at my soccer game. Mr. Ref has Day job but sometimes he referees when they need extra help. Usually, he isn’t the referee at my field but “lucky me” that day he was. I got to soccer and hello to the two refs. Mr. Ref wasn’t very friendly which was odd because we had just been messaging earlier. I was like maybe it’s because he’s working or maybe even it’s not him. I mean I had only seen him once, and it was a couple of weeks earlier our first date so maybe I was talking to the wrong guy. There were two fields, so maybe he was on the other one. Isn’t it funny how we can make up stories in our mind, of course, it was him!!!! Unless he had a twin roaming around it was for sure Mr. Ref. Needless to say, the whole situation made me very self-conscious and started playing terribly.

I mean I’m not a very gifted soccer player on a typical day but that day I was awful. I tripped over my foot not just once but twice during the game. I promise that is not an exaggeration!!!! The first time I was dribbling towards goal. There was nobody around, but the goalie and I just fell to the ground as I was running. I stood up mortified hoping nobody noticed my stumble with the ground. The second time I fell I didn’t have the ball I was just running down the field. Once again no other players were really by me when I fell, and my shoe came off. So here’s this ref watching as I so gracefully trip over my own feet not just once but twice. I felt so dumb after my game of being a klutz that I just left without talking to Mr. Ref.

A little fact about me is that I can’t just leave things alone I always have to talk and clear things up. So later I texted him

Me: Was that you refereeing my game? (I knew it was him, but I just needed an opening line. As I write this I now realize what a dumb line it was)
Mr. Ref: Yes Ma’am that was me.
Me: So I’m sorry I didn’t talk to you after the game. I feel like I need to explain myself. I thought it was you but when I said hello you didn’t really respond I got super self-conscious. I was thinking maybe it wasn’t you/ perhaps you didn’t recognize me in my soccer clothes since I wasn’t looking my best. So I just felt super awkward. So that is my long explanation of why I wasn’t as friendly.
Mr. Ref: No your fine I’m award…I’m sorry

Guy’s so I cringe even as I write this because it’s like we are two teenagers that can’t talk in person and only communicate through texting. I am not a fan of texting but sometimes that’s the way people talk nowadays, so I just deal with it. Really though this whole conversation just made me laugh with both of us just saying that we are awkward. He later asked me to go out again, and we were planning on the following weekend.

So we made plans to go out last week and once again things fell through. I hadn’t heard from him for a couple of days, so I texted to see if we were still on for the date and crickets…no reply. Which according to his track record wasn’t that weird that he just dropped off. Ghosting just happens in dating a guy can be totally interested, and you won’t ever hear from them again. It might be that they get busy, or they find someone else that they are more interest it. That’s just dating, and I’m used to it, so I didn’t take it personally or think too much of Mr. Ref not responding. The only reason I am writing about it is what happened tonight.

Tonight was my family’s soccer game. Our soccer team consists of my dad, siblings, their spouses, and a few good family friends I get on the field and who is our referee none other than Mr. Ref. I thought to myself, “well good to know that he’s alive”. Can check that off the list of possibilities of why he stopped talking to me. Then I thought, “oh sweet another opportunity to impress him with my athletic ability.” (That was sarcasm in case you didn’t pick up on it)

The game started and guess what… I didn’t fall once!!! My Dad plays defense and has a really strong kick. At one point Pappa K had the ball and was trying to kick it off the wall. Well, his aim was off, and it looked like he was trying to kick the ball directly towards Mr. Ref. Not only did the ball hit Mr. Ref right but it went directly to his sweet spot which left him moaning in pain. Now I have been playing soccer for a year and ½. And rarely Refs get hit with the ball, especially in that particular region. My Dad had no clue that I had been out with Mr. Ref but to everyone else it seemed like he was trying to aim right at him and it looked painful.

After the game, I told my Dad that I had been out with the Ref and we were supposed to go out last week, and then he just stopped talking to me. The whole family had a good chuckle because it looked like Dad’s kick was deliberate. Lesson learned Karma is real!!! And that is the story about how Mr. Ref and I didn’t live happily ever after.

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