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The Story Behind wanting to Qualifying

November 18, 2015

*Just a word of caution…I finished writing this with only one eye open as I was falling asleep so I apology for my terrible spelling/grammar/and lack of flow.

My Friend Jamie ask me the other day why I wanted to Qualify for Boston. She asked if my story was on the blog. This question made me ponder why I hadn’t shared my reason for wanting to qualify. I talk about these goals all the time but why haven’t I shared what has truly motivated me? Well the answer to those questions is my Pride. I haven’t shared the core reason of why I am pushing myself every day to get faster because it’s an embarrassing story. But since I’m all about honesty here you go.

Lets go back almost 8 years to the beginning of 2008. The start of that year was a rough one for many reasons that I won’t go into in this post. I started that year with a determination to accomplish 5 goals. Now these goals weren’t your standard New Year’s Resolutions. These goals seemed crazy hard and some of them just down right impossible. One of those lofty goals was to run a Marathon. I started training with my Aunt and that summer I was amazed as I started running miles that seemed impossible. I remember when I ran 10, 15 and 20 miles and it was so cool to break through those barriers and run more miles than I ever thought I could.

The big training run for most runners is their 20 mile run. The first time I ran 20 miles actually has a story behind it. My Aunt had got to the canyon first. It was the responsibility of the first person who arrived to clock the run. This is before I knew about great watches that could clock my runs. That day we were only supposed to run 10or 12 miles …I can’t remember the exact amount. So a few miles up and few miles down. It was early and dark when we started the run. On the way up I was thinking this is the longest five miles. It seemed like we weren’t making any progress. On the way up I was half asleep and didn’t realize that we were basically going up the whole canyon. I just trusted my Aunt and that she knew where we were going. We got to the turnaround point I was like “Are you sure that was five miles?” My Aunt started Giggling and said that she thought it would be fun to do 20 miles so we had actually gone 10 miles up. I was furious!!! Who just runs 20 miles for fun?

One thing I do remember clearly about that run was that I had never ran 20 miles. I think the most I had done to that point was 15. So that’s a pretty big jump. We didn’t have our phones with us and even if we did there is no service for most of the canyon. So the only way to get back to the cars was to run. I’m pretty sure I gave my Aunt the silent treatment the whole way down the canyon because I was pretty ticked at her sneaky way to get me to run 20 miles.

Well that summer I spent many hours running on trails or neighborhoods and working hard to stay within the training schedule. By the end of the summer I was excited for the Marathon and to check off my New Year’s Resolutions.

So race day comes and I’m pumped. I remember very clearly the date it was August 23, 2008. I was so excited that I was finally going to accomplish this goal that I have spent so many hours training for. As we were waiting at the start line I saw an old friend from college and snapped a picture. Then the race started and we were off.

I started the Race faster than I had trained because I was so excited. A rookie mistake I made in choosing my first Marathon was that it was a higher elevation and a majority of it was climbing these steep hills. I’m not going to lie it was a beast of a race. Around Mile 12 I had to stop for a bathroom break and I thought I could sprint to catch back up to the people I was running around. That was another rookie mistake because I was pushing myself way faster than I had trained. Then we hit the hill part of the race and I was toast. I just remember thinking that my family was at mile 20 and they would take me home. So I started walking. I didn’t care anymore about finishing the race. I just wanted to go home.

When I saw my family I told them I wanted to go home. It was hot and I was tired and I was already at a super slow pace. They thought it was just runner’s block and so encouraged me to keep going. It was a really hot summer day and I hadn’t been drinking enough water. I think I had the mentality if I didn’t drink water I wouldn’t have to go to the bathroom. DUMB MISTAKE.

Well to finish the story I had only a few hundred feet to the finish line and I had both of my parents running with me. They were telling me that my friends and family were just around the corner at the finish line. That was the best news I had heard all day that the finish line was around the corner. I wondered what it would look like. And then I passed out and the next thing I remember was waking up in an Ambulance. I felt gypped!!!!! The whole time while running I had been imagining the finish line and how it would all be worth it when I crossed the finish line with my family and friends waiting. And because I had heat stroke I didn’t get to experience that sweet bliss of the finish line. When the Ambulance got to the hospital I guess I was pretty out of it. My mom said I kept on saying this is just like Grey’s Anatomy and asking where McDeamy was. At the time I was on a huge Greys Kick so no wonder my delirious self was so tickled to be among so many handsome doctors.

Ok the reason that I tell this story is that my first Marathon was an epic failure.(Ok maybe Epic Failure the wrong way to phrase it because I still did 26 miles) Because I just gave up and started to walk. My time was super slow, and then I passed out because of heat stroke and didn’t get to finish the last few feet. I still considered it running a Marathon even without crossing the finish line but I just was embarrassed. I felt like it looked like I hadn’t trained. I really had worked so hard that summer and even though I wasn’t tiny I was in the best shape of my life up to that point. On that day August 23, 2008 is when I got the desire to not just run a marathon again but to run it really fast. To prove to myself and to others that I was a Marathon Runner. So my dear friend Jamie I hope I answered your question of why I want to Qualify for the Mother of all races….The one and only BOSTON MARATHON.

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