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June 4, 2016

Two Saturdays ago I ran a Marathon. It was my third marathon and let me tell you it was a doozy of a race. I’m not being dramatic when I say it was one of the top 3 worst days of my life. The other two days  that top it are the day I found out my ex-boyfriend racked up thousands of dollars of debt in my name, and the day I passed out at my first Marathon and was carried away in an ambulance. You are probably thinking if two out of three worst days of my life involve marathons then why keep running? That is an excellent question my friend, and one I have often asked myself. The real reason I run is that I honestly love it, and nothing is more exciting than watching my progression as I increase my speed.

During this Doozy Marathon a couple weeks ago, I did not enjoy running, and my speed did not increase. Actually, let me rephrase that I did not love the weather that I was running in. I think I am more of an exercising in right conditions type of person. Yes, I have run in the snow and rain before but not for super long distances, and no exaggeration it was literally a downpour for over 17 miles of the race. This race was so frustrating!!!! I put in the miles training. I tried to fuel my body with the right nutrition but race day came, and I was miserable. My goal was to get 4 hours and 15 mins instead I did it in 5 hours and 45 mins. No biggie just added an hour and a half to my goal time.

Let me just tell you a little more about this beast of a run. To start, we sat in the cold and rain for an hour and a half before the race begin. Then as we started the rain got harder and with my first couple of steps I was thinking, ” I hate this!!! What did I sign up for? How do I get out of this?” Folks the rain and wind made it FREEZING!!!. So many skinny runners had to drop out because they had hypothermia. I, unfortunately, have a bit more meat on my bones and didn’t have a valid reason to drop out. OK, I know that sounds terrible because who wishes Hypothermia upon themselves but during the race I was thinking that it would be better than finishing the blasted thing. Here are some of my insights from the race.

3 Lessons Learned from the Ogden Marathon

  1. Be a finisher: I wanted to quit from the first couple of steps, but the whole time I just kept thinking sometimes you just have to finish what you started. This can be applied to so many aspects of life. How many of you have half done Scrapbooks, Journals, house projects? The list could go on forever, but this race taught me that finishing isn’t about the time spent just that you get done just that you finished.
  2.  Don’t be a Grumpy Greta: My attitude was rotten from the beginning. I knew it, and everyone around heard me tell them how terrible of time I was having. Someone would run by and make pleasant conversation and ask, “How are you?” I would say, ” I hate this, this race is the worst!” Sometimes I should be better at faking my feelings because then they would quickly run away. Attitude is everything and because I was in the dumps it made for a crummy long ride. I also just gave up. I stopped shooting for the time I wanted. I became super discouraged. I saw my time get slower and slower and at one point even a guy with one leg passed me, and I thought “He is several decades older than me and only has one leg!!!!!” All I could do was laugh with my friend Ellie because we had hit rock bottom. Speaking of Ellie, that leads me to number three.
  3. Life is better with a Pal: I met Ellie a few miles into the race. She was one of those people that I told how much I despised the weather but despite my negative attitude, she stuck around. Ellie is just a doll. She is one of those down to earth gals that you instantly click with and become best friends. We shared with each other life stories, heartbreaks, goals, and also how Flippin cold we were. Ellie’s sweet husband Logan ran the last six miles with us, and I don’t know if we could have done it without him. He distracted both of us as he shared his side of how he met Ellie. I asked him not to leave out any details, so he gave a pretty in-depth account of their courtship, and I loved hearing it because as we talked, I started to forget about the race. It also helped that it stopped raining, and I was starting to thaw out. Ellie and Logan are such a great couple and just two people that you look at and think I want their type of Love!!!! You can just tell they respect and admire each other. Here is a picture of Ellie and me after the race.


I went to Ogden with my sister Kassie and my friend Whit. Those two both had great attitudes and didn’t mind the rain. They also rocked the race and got way better times than I did. That night after the race as I laid in bed with sore muscles and a cough since I had been drenched in the rain.  I decided to check out other runners experience. Misery loves company, so I was thrilled to see that other runners had such a bad experience since Kassie and Whit were such Positive Pam’s and enjoyed their race. Here are a few of my favorite Instagram posts. These captions seriously made me night.

Funny Quotes From Marathon Runners

  • kkapinos “It poured rain and sleet, and insane wind, but I fought. I seriously wondered for a few miles if I was going to need to have some fingertips amputated after I got done. “
  • piano_runner ” One of the least flattering race pics I have ever had. But who cares? I braved the crazy wind, pelting rain, the ups, the downs, and I lived to tell about it.”
  • Sam.norton58 “For our half-anniversary, we ran a half- marathon! S0 what are we doing for our full anniversary? You guessed it! Netflix’s”
  • bajamatt ” I survived my first half marathon…It rained the entire race; I don’t think I’ve ever been that soaked before. I think I actually saw Noah gathering up the animals.”
  • Brittanpack ” Well…It’s over! We finished! We’re alive! As of right now I can’t say it was super fun.”
  • mikieberhardtDon’t let that smile fool you though, it was hell. Rained solid for 19 miles including freezing sleet and strong bitter headwinds.
  • bradleysrandall “Ogden Marathon 2016 in the books! 17 miles of downpour rain, heavy wind gusts followed by nine calm miles and an exhausting finish. These fine gentlemen pushed me through the last three miles when I truly felt that being strangled to death by a clown would be better than running this stupid marathon.”

The biggest lesson I learned from this race was that I could be discouraged that my time was so much slower and give up, or it could just give me more motivation to work hard next time. Even though my progression towards my goal to qualify for Boston is slow. I have no doubt that one day I will get there!!! 3 hours and 35 minutes will be mine!!! Here is a picture of me with the three Positive Pam’s  and me as Grumpy Greta before the race began.



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