I want to be like Pollyanna

November 1, 2016
Earlier this week my Dad and I had a talk about Happiness. He had just read this awesome book called the Happiness Advantage. During this chat, we were talking about how happiness is a choice. This conversation had me reflect on the times in my life that I chose to be happy and also the times that I wanted to be miserable and held a pity party for myself.  During this period of reflection, I kept on thinking about the movie Pollyanna.
For those of you who haven’t seen the film, it had the girl from the old school parent trap movie. When I was younger, I used to love watching Pollyanna at my grandma’s house. Pollyanna is about a girl who goes and stays with her wealthy aunt in a new town.  The thing that was so loveable about Pollyanna is that she saw the best in everyone even when people were grumpy and not very friendly. Because of her optimism and pure love the whole town basically changed for the better because of her example. When I was little, I remember thinking how I wanted to be just like Pollyanna.
One way that Pollyanna remembers all of her blessings is that she plays the Glad Game. In this short clip, she explains a little more about how to play this game.

Pollyanna is a great example of choosing to be happy. Right now my life is pretty swell but next time I am discouraged or negative I want to remember Pollyanna’s glad game and that you can always find something to be glad about.


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