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November 5, 2016


I got out of the car and looked at the group of stylish Women heading my way. We talked about how we had as much excitement as little kids on Christmas day. We giggled as we rode the elevator up and entered Pinterest Heaven. I have never been around so many gorgeous women who all seemed to have it together. It was like hundreds of fashion Pins coming to life.  Soon the excitement faded, and I looked around and started to feel self-conscious and ask myself “Why didn’t I wear something cuter or more trendy to this event?”

I got to my first workshop and soon all my insecurities faded as the speaker shared her story. This rad ladies name is Melisa Nu and she is a photographer, and then when Instagram came out, she started to compare her work to everyone else and became discouraged. She stopped taking photos and put her camera on the shelf for two years. It wasn’t until her daughter came to her and wanted her to take a picture that she dusted off her camera and found passion in taking photograph again.

It is so easy to compare ourselves to others, but Melisa talked about how the only difference between us amateurs and professionals photographers is that they have shot thousands of more pictures. I think this perspective can be applied to almost any comparison. The only difference between me and my mom’s good cooking is that she has cooked thousands of more meals than I have. The only difference between me and someone who has qualified for Boston is that they have ran a thousands more miles than I have. The list can go on and on but I love the perspective it provides not to compare but that with time and experience you will get better.

The theme from all the classes seemed to be on Progress and not Perfection. Pinners really was the reboot I needed this weekend and I am so grateful for all the new friends I made and knowledge I soaked up.


My Sister-in-law Kayla is the one who told me that the Pinners Expo was in town. She wanted to go this year but ended up going into labor the day before the event. I told her that I would share all my notes with her. So I compiled five of my favorite speakers and a little about them to share them with you all as well.

My Pinners Notes

Mastering Photoshop–  I talked about Melissa already, but she made Photoshop seem so easy. During the class, she said, “Photo Shop is not meant to make you look skinner or perfect. But it is a tool to help your Audience focus on what and why you took the picture.” Check out the links to learn more about creating composites, and Layering from her blog.


Dressing your Body Shape-  Alicia Richmond from Chic on a Shoestring taught the class and it was so interesting.  The number one thing she talked about is how clothing is emotional. She shared a quote from Valentino, “Only wear clothes that make you feel alive.”  I really loved this class so much because she emphasized that all body types are beautiful and that clothing is the packaging to our spirit. I thought she would be a lot more expensive, but I just checked out the website and her personal styling and shopping starts at $175.00. To find the best dress and pants for your body see her how-to videos.


Up-ing your Braid Game-

I really loved Elizabeth because she is so down to earth and has a great story.  She  taught us how to do some awesome braids. I really like  The Easy Classic Updo and want to try it this week on my hair.


Finding Balance in Nutrition and Fitness

This best friend duo combined their skills to make the perfect team. Devrie is the Dietitian/Nutritionist and Brecke is a personal trainer.  I instantly loved them  when they shared the quote “100% of the people who give 110% of the time don’t understand math.” I really liked their philosophy of being healthy and sweating every day.  They also taught us some cool Tabata work outs.


Blowdrying Bootcamp

The only reason I took this class was that it was the only non- food/sewing class available at the time.  So needless to say I had low expectations for this class but boy was I wrong.  I learned from Megan Moore that I have been blow-drying wrong for years. No wonder I never have volume and the back of my hair is always has kinks. Check out this link with her blow drying tips and video.  Megan talked about how hair has memory and that that it needs to be dried 20 minutes after showering. She also educated us all that cooling is just as important as heating. Why didn’t I know this before? I can’t wait to try her techniques.


This was my first Pinners expo and now I can’t wait for Next year! Bring on the Pinners Tradition.




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