Why Valentine’s Day is the Gateway to Summer

February 2, 2017

Why I love Valentine’s Day

The real reason why I am passionate about Feb 14th is that I believe Valentine’s Day is the gateway to summer. What do I mean by gateway? Well, I looked up the definition of a gateway to make sure I was using the right verbiage. According to it states, “of access or entry to a place”. Valentine’s Day totally gives us access to summer because it marks the beginning of the Holiday Season with St. Patrick’s, Easter, and then glorious Memorial Day just around the corner. The Monday that signifies long days at the lake and hikes up the mountains are about to come.

My idea that Valentine’s Day is the gateway to summer is not a thought that everyone accepts. The other day I was talking to my friend Jill and she shared with me, ” Steph, no I totally disagree! When Valentine’s day come, you are still in the dead of winter. You got it wrong because you are skipping over a whole season. We still have over a month winter plus spring and then its summer. Summer is not around the corner.”

She does have a point that there is still a season in between. It is freezing outside, and the yard is usually still covered with snow. How can twenty degree days be the beginning of ninety-degree weather? The answer is simple…. it gives perspective. That even though the air hurts your face and your car is like stepping into a freezer in the morning soon things will change. In just twelve weeks you can trade in your five layers for skirts and a sandals. The inversion will soon be replaced with clear blue skies. If Valentine’s Day wanted to be a Holiday that was loved by everyone then maybe they should do a little re-branding. Even those with significant others would feel less pressure to make it a grand day. So in my book Valentine’s Day is a Holiday to tell those you love Happy Valentine’s Day what are we going to do this summer? A day to start booking travel plans. A day to buy your sunscreen in bulk. So to the head honcho in charge of Valentine’s Day here are just a few of my re-branding ideas.


Valentine’s Day the Gateway to Summer

What Should I do on Valentine’s Day?

After seeing those pictures aren’t you just so pumped for Valentine’s Day!!! It’s so much better than images of hearts and couples holding hands. So this Valentine’s Day instead of dreading or ignoring Feb 14th grab a sugar cookie and start planning your summer dreams for 2017. We all know that’s what I will be doing. Also if you want to read more about why Valentine’s Day is such a great holiday here are a few articles. Last year I wrote a post about 6 Reason why I love Valentine’s Day. Huffington Post compared Valentine’s Day to the Superbowl. Chelsea from Thought Catalog talks about how she loves getting discounted chocolate the day after. I shared my thoughts about this Holiday. I would like to hear why you love Valentine’s day so please comment below.

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