9 Couple Stories that help you believe in LOVE

February 5, 2017

Whats better then cheesy Hallmark  or a Nicholas Spark movie? Well the answer is wedding videos. There is something so genuine about a couple sharing their history and lighting up as they talk about their significant other and express what they love and admire about them. For this reason I am constantly asking people to tell me their love story. I enjoy hearing all the details about how people met, what they noticed first about the other person, and each couples unique quirks.

One of the things I love most about LOVE is that it is an absolute MIRACLE when two people  have the same amount of interest at the same time. Seriously a miracle!

My sister Kami shares my passion for love stories and she is the one that introduced me to Wedding videos.  So thank you Kami for inspiring this post. Here’s the deal I know relationships are hard and marriage isn’t what it looks like all the time in these videos. But the fact is that these videos celebrate the good times and they help me believe that all the ba d dates and heartbreaks will all be worth it one day.  So lets get to the good stuff. I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I do.

 Mikey and Brady

To start I just wanted to share my all time favorite Story. If you don’t have time to watch this video fast forward to the 9 min mark. Brady is talking about Mikey and how people noticed a difference in him. This quote doesn’t do it justice to the excitement that he shares in the video. He says, “I am way more happy of a person now then I was without Micky. I hope that its like that for everybody. Because I feel like people aren’t making a big enough deal about it . It is great!!!  

Nat and Nate

So its always creepy when  your friends don’t know how many times you have watched their wedding video. Honestly this video is one I have often watched after a bad date or heart break because it just makes me want to find Natalie and Nate type of love one day. So a little info about this couple Natalie is one of the most stunningly gorgeous ladies I know. She walks in a room and everyone notices her. I don’t know Nate very well but he has one of those personalities that just makes everyone feel so comfortable around him and instantly his friend. This couple just makes me believe in Love. Their story is a little unique because they were best friends for years. The thing that I love most about them is their height difference. Natalie is taller then Nate but they just rock it with confidence. It’s so easy to to get caught up in details about a person that really aren’t that important like height, weight, job, education or even shallow things like their ears are too big. They really just give me perspective of finding that best friend who you can laugh with every day is really what love is all about.

Paige and Sean

This couples story just tugs at your heartstrings. They met up at Utah State which makes me instantly like them because they are fellow Aggies. Paige found out she had stage three Lymphoma Cancer and it would of  been easy for  Sean to peace out but what he did next was an act of true love. This story really makes me believe that their is someone out there who one day will love me through sickness and health. Just a warning you might want to bust out your Tissues for this video.


Rachel & Carson

I met Rachel and Carson this summer while working at a fishing lodge in Alaska. This couple is the real deal! Being around them you see how much respect and admiration they have for each other.  Carson is such a gentleman and still after being married for many years opens the car door for Rachel. This is another one of those moments where I feel like a creeper for finding their wedding video but I just really admire their humble examples and wanted to share them with you all.


Brittney and Chad

This couple has a little bit of an age difference but I love how their differences compliment each other.

Spencer and Raven

This couple is just so genuine and you can’t help but love them. Chelsea Homer did an awesome  job on really capturing their personalities.


Stephen and Christyn

This couple has such a cool style! I also love their banter!

Ryan and Bryndi

This couples video just cracks me up. Ryan is super honest about his dislike for his roommate that Bryndi dated.

Jimmer & Whitney

For those of you that are BYU fans you might remember the name Jimmer. He was sort of a celebrity at BYU.  During my research(a.k.a googling) I found out that Jimmer now plays for the Denver Nuggets. I didn’t realized he went to the NBA after college. Go Jimmer!!! Anyways here’s his cute story and it also has his proposal video.


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