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May 31, 2017

I may be a little behind the times because just last summer was the first time I reallylistened to Podcasts.  I did a little research on the history of Podcasts. According to the International Podcast Day, the first podcast started in 2004.  Which means I am WAY behind the times!!!! The funny thing is that in 2004 I was a sophomore in College and still used a landline and library computer. I wanted to hold out and never get a cellphone. I hated the thought of people always being able to get a hold of me. Eventually, I got a flip phone and started to embrace new technology.

Thirteen years later podcasts are bigger than ever. You can learn about any topic. Including the murder of  Hae Min Lee.  Each student at Woodlawn High School has their version of what happened on  Jan 13, 1999, the day Hae was killed. The Serial Podcast tops the charts for a reason. If you haven’t listened, go here and let me know your theory on what happened that winters night in January.

The thing I love most about Podcasts is that they are so much more real than a blog post. You get to hear someone’s laugh and talking style and the more you listen they soon they feel like an old friend.  Today I wanted so share with you some of my favorite podcasts. Check out number one. It’s a new Podcast, and I think you might enjoy it.


(6) Confidence on the Go

Trish struggled with confidence and eating disorders and now shares what she learned with others. She is super down to earth and calls herself a “Confidence Coach.” She also wrote three books about how to overcome insecurities and body image.

Episode #172: Dumping the Emotional Baggage

(5) The Minimalists

My friend Jill introduced me to the Minimalist. They are a super well-known podcast and are rapidly spreading their message of “love people and use things because the opposite never works.” The first episode I listened to was as I was cleaning out boxes of random stuff. They were talking about how people keep boxes hoping one day someone will appreciate it, but nobody wants to look at all your junk. If you want to declutter highly recommend to listen to them as you do so and you will keep only the things that have value in your life.

Grand Rapids! Is it Furniture City or River City? Well, you can let us know when we see you! We’ll be serving up our…

Posted by The Minimalists on Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Episode #1: Declutter


(4) Man Bun Run

Rylee rocks a man bun is a lawyer and for fun interviews people about running. If you love running this podcast has it all from training to race day and everything in between.

Episode 5: Kami Ellsworth (Manager of the St. George Marathon)

(3) Ticked

I have met two of the three hosts of this show, and these guys are seriously a hoot.This is a clever podcast that asks each guest what makes you tick and what ticks you off.

Episode 2: Mo-Bridge

I am a huge fan of Miss Mo. She is super down to earth and just cracks me up.

Episode 15: In this episode, Ben and Lib talk about their dating lives. I love how real they were in this episode.

(2) Lovumentary

Utah is a great place to kick off a national tour of love. #utah #loveumentary

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This podcast is seriously so good!  Nate quit his corporate job and traveled around the country collecting love stories.  The three episodes below changed my whole perspective on what I want one day out of marriage.

Episode 36: Ty and Terri Part 1

Episode 37: Ty and Terri Part 2

Episode 40: Josh and Jenny

(1) Notable Peeps Podcast

After almost ten months of talking about wanting to do it podcast it is finally here. I have joined the Podcasters Club. My emotions are all over the place. What if people hate it? What if people make fun of how I say like and stumble over my words? What if the people that I interview are disapointed with their episode? What if people can't get over how horrible the audio sounds at times? What if I look like a fool? I have poured so much of myself into this project that it is scary to share it with others. But then there is a side of me that can't wait to promote what I have learned from these remarkable individuals. As I have spent hours in interviews and the editing process these stories have changed me. I know that might sound cheesy, but it's true.I just wanted to thank all those who have listened to me geek out over the past few months about this podcast. Thanks for your encouragement and support. And thank you to @dustyhulet @hope_is_healthy @runningonmylastleg @katiegleed @ste_ph_en @hollyonthehill @kelcor83 @oneclassybaby @meghanp.johnson @jillcyo @the.fresh.feed @miranda_call @mina.mynakedheart for taking a chance on an unknown podcaster especially since at times I had no clue what I was doing. I hope you push play and listen to these rad individuals who are putting on their shoes, doing their best, and believing in the impossible. #notablepeepspodcast #consistentrunnergirl #thankfulgram

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Does that blonde look familiar? Guess what it’s me! I am now the host of the Notable Peeps Podcast. It is a series all about putting on your shoes, doing your best and believing in the impossible. Hope you push play and visit my little corner of the Podcast world.

(01) Steph Shoell & Miranda Call: Welcome to Notable Peeps!

(02) Tim Hurst: Running 58 Marathons on 1 Leg

(03) Meghan Johnson: Focus on what you can do

(04) Dusty Hulet: Life through a Lens

(05) Holly Richardson: Not just a mom

(06) Stephen Merrill: Life Unexpected


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