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Hello, my new Cyber Pal!!! My name’s Steph and thanks so much for taking the time to read a little about me. I always squirm when I hear, “Tell me a little about yourself?” The reason this question makes me uncomfortable is that I don’t know where to begin and how much a person wants to know. But I figure since you are already scrolling my blog I am going to give you the scoop.


To start, we need to go back to my early twenties. I was going to school at Utah State University and my life was a hoot!!! I had great friends and awesome roommates and I was living up the college lifestyle.

Utah_State_University_G3_Girls_Old_FarmAt one point I was short on money and thought it would be wise to get not just one but three credit cards. My life that semester life was grand as I didn’t work and lived off the magic plastic, but the party ended when all three cards were maxed out. I was shocked at how fast I accumulated so much debt, and soon the task of paying down the balance with the high-interest rates felt IMPOSSIBLE.

At the beginning of 2008 I was at the bottom of a pit, and I it seemed like it would take forever to climb out. Every aspect of my life was a mess. Like most people I was never superb at keeping Resolutions but that year I set five goals, and they all seemed IMPOSSIBLE. I soon learned the satisfaction of accomplishing the IMPOSSIBLE as I paid off my debt and checked off all other remaining Ambitions that year.


Are you curious to hear about my other 4 IMPOSSIBLE goals? Well, I’ll give you the scoop on the goal that was physically the hardest that year. I wanted to run a marathon which was literally IMPOSSIBLE because the most I had ever run was just a few miles. As I started training and ran 5 miles, 10 miles, 15 miles and 20 miles, I experienced the high of clocking mileage that I never thought was obtainable. After a while race day had come and I was PUMPED!!! After a few miles that excitement faded, and I thought WHAT DID I SIGN UP FOR? It was a beast of a race!!!!!!There were more hills than the Himalayas!!! There were many times that I wanted to tap out and throw in the towel. But then I would think of the finish line and how great it would feel to take that last step across the sweet line of victory. That image propelled me forward. Soon I only had 9 miles left, then 6 miles. Then I was told the finish line was just around the corner. As I was rounding the bend, the unthinkable happened. I BLACKED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I woke up twenty minutes later, I was in an Ambulance being rushed to the hospital. My first thought was, “DID I FINISH?” I was told that I was just 400 feet away from the finish line. I thought, “Are you serious!!!! 400 lousy feet kept me from my goal”. My parents tried to make me feel better by saying that the Ambulance drove me over the finish line so technically I crossed it. But that didn’t count!!!! I was mortified, and this soon became a story that I never talked about because it was so humiliating.

This experience ignited a desire within me. Not only was I going to FINISH a Marathon but I was going to do it in a time that only the elite runner could accomplish. A time that would qualify me for the MOTHER OF ALL RACES, the Boston Marathon. I would have to run 26.2 miles in 3 hours and 35 minutes. An IMPOSSIBLE task considering before I so gracefully fainted my time was at over 8 hours. Now some of you might be thinking, “Girl you are slow!!!!”. And you are correct at that pace your eighty-year-old grandma who walks with a cane could have passed me, but even though I might have been slower than the geriatric population I knew that one day that would change.


Every year I would run and train by doing my 18, and 20 miles and then I would give up. The thought, “there is no way I will ever be fast enough” would win and I would feel defeated and give up. This pattern continued almost every year for eight years.  Then something changed. I had one of those Ah Ha moments as I was listening to a man talk about how he had a desire to play the piano. He started to pray to God before and after he would practice the piano. After awhile, that desire soon became a reality. It hit me that here I had been trying to do this by myself. I experimented and started to pray before and after and often during my runs just pleading with God to help my legs move quicker. After a couple of weeks, I shaved off more than 13 minutes from my time. Now some might say of course you’re going to get faster as you train, but I knew it was not a coincidence. I knew that I was receiving help from God.

This experience gave me the confidence to sign up for another marathon. Fast forward to the last 400 feet of the race. As I heard the finish line was just around the corner, I thought. “Oh NO this is it. I’m going to pass out!!!!” But guess what I didn’t pass out!!!! And guess what I crossed that finish line!!!! And as I looked at the board and saw my time of 4:37 minutes I knew that once God had helped me to get faster!! I had shaved my time in half from my first marathon. And I knew what once was an IMPOSSIBLE task was now more realistic as I only had 62 minutes to shave off my time. Even though I’m closer to my goal an hour is still a huge chunk of time to shave off. Each week I try my best to be consistent and push myself harder and faster. One day I will cross that sweet line of victory and see those glorious numbers on the board showing a time of 3 hours and 35 mins. Then I will shout with joy because after almost a decade my IMPOSSIBLE with finally be POSSIBLE and I WILL QUALIFY FOR THE BOSTON MARATHON!!!! To read more about my Marathon Experiences click 2008/20152016.

My First Marathon post


Let’s jump gears to New Year’s Eve 2014 which is also known as the worst day of my life. I woke up knowing that I was going to get some answers. I waited in the parking lot for the doors of the Bank to open. I just kept on thinking this isn’t my life. This is a nightmare!!! How am I going to pay for all of this? The bank employee unlocked the door, and as I walked inside, I had a pit in my stomach.  I knew I soon would learn the truth.

As she handed me the papers that contained the transactions for the past couple months, I felt like I was going to throw up.  Four hundred dollars tickets for a concert in California. Seventy dollars at Urban Outfitters.  Another Seventy dollars for drinks at a local bar. Thousands and thousands of dollars of debt had been racked up in my name over the past couple of months. How did this happen?  Now as you are reading this, you might be thinking that I was a victim of identity fraud. Or maybe that I had a compulsive spending addiction. I wish that either of those were the case because what actually happened just broke my heart. I hadn’t spent a dime of the money. I had fallen in love. I thought that I was going to get married…so being stupid and naive got financially involved in helping the man I loved.(Let’s just call him Mr. Sweet Talker) I ended up having to work my bum off for a whole year to get out of debt that wasn’t even mine.

Now this experience is one that I don’t love to talk about because I feel so incredibly stupid. The thing that stunk is that I had spent 2008 working to get out of debt. When it was paid off, I vowed never to get into debt again. The feeling of bondage was something that I never wanted to experience. I had told Mr. Sweet Talker about my past, and it hurt so much to see that he could care less about racking up the benjamins in my name. I had to get a second job and move back with my parents to pay off the debt and it took over a year.

During this time I was in pain. I felt jaded towards all men and there many times that I would just cry because it was so UNFAIR!!! Many times I missed out on fun events because I was working. Many times my heart was filled with hatred and anger to this man that had wronged me. There was a quote that changed my life during the year of 2014, and it is, “All that is unfair in life can be made right through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.” I look back at my past self, and I am so grateful that I had faith that simple line would come true.  I know that there is a lot of really unfair stuff that goes on in the world and that my little experience doesn’t even compare to what others go through. But I am grateful for the lesson of forgiveness that I was able to learn. The only way I was able to forgive a Jerk like Mr. Sweet talker was with the help of Jesus Christ. He softened my heart. He took away my feeling of hatred and anger. But most importantly at the end of this hard year, He helped me to look this man who had wronged me in the eyes and forgive him. The words “I FORGIVE YOU” are powerful healing for the heart. For the whole story with Mr. Sweet Talker click here. To find out the techniques I used to become debt-free look at this post.


At the beginning of 2016 I had just paid off Mr. Sweet Talkers debt, and it was time to start living my life.  I was antsy for a change but also terrified to get out of my comfort zone. I had big career goals but once again I felt like they were IMPOSSIBLE to achieve. In February I took a huge leap that changed the direction of my whole year. I quit my job. Click for the full scoop. I gave my two weeks notice without another job lined up. I was terrified but also excited for the future.  Around this time an opportunity presented itself to go and work in Alaska. I had never been to that state, knew nothing about fishing, and didn’t know a soul, but I needed a change, so I took the job.



In Alaska, I found myself full of self-doubt and despair. I started to think, “Who am I to think I can accomplish my IMPOSSIBLE?” I began to give up on my dreams and settle for a life of complacency. I went to Alaska looking for Adventure but what I found was the passion and determination not to give up on my dreams. I had four months on a small island to ponder. To think about goals, relationships, spirituality, career, and the type of person I wanted to become. I had four months to research, prepare and plan for my future. It would have been easy to let the self-doubt take over and to give up, but it gave me more of a desire to fight for my IMPOSSIBLE goals.


I often have people tell me that they don’t get the name Consistent Runner Girl. Why do I call myself Consistent when it is obviously something that I am not? Well, let me tell you why!!! The name comes from a conversation I had one day with on of my roommates. The roommate pointed out my lack of being consistent in all aspects of my life. She told me the day I mastered being Consistent is most likely die because I have accomplished my life lesson. This conversation was all in fun, but I’m a stubborn gal, and after the words had come out of her mouth I decided I was going to prove her wrong. I started that day on my journey to be CONSISTENT, and I hoped that it wouldn’t result in a death sentence. In college, I learned about the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, and I thought maybe if I start calling myself consistent then one day I would possess the trait. I still have a distance to go, but it is fun to look back at these past two years since I started this Blog and see my progress.

As I share my story of my IMPOSSIBLE I have come across many individuals who tell me, they don’t have an IMPOSSIBLE goal or any big dreams. As I have talked to these people, I have realized that most people have something in their lives that seems IMPOSSIBLE even if they don’t acknowledge it. For some people, it might be that they are so depressed it feels IMPOSSIBLE to get out of bed. For others it might be: quitting a dead-end job, talking to a group of strangers, getting married, finishing college, getting out of debt, improving a strained relationship, losing weight, buying a house, finding happiness in the moment, improving self-esteem, playing an instrument, starting a business, making friends, and the list can go on and on.

Sometimes after being on social media or other blogs, I leave the site feeling discouraged and depressed that my life isn’t a certain way. I don’t want Consistent Runner Girl to be a place of comparison but instead a place of motivation. I hope that I can create an environment on this blog that inspires you to BELIEVE IN THE IMPOSSIBLE even if you don’t know what your IMPOSSIBLE is quite yet.

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